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Experiences from Host Families and Au Pairs, as Told by Themselves

Jemile Lilly from Jamaica (au pair)

My experience with Triple C was exceptional. The team is very professional, considerate and a pleasure to do business with. The Triple C team was welcoming and friendly which made me anxious to spend my year abroad. Margo and Nathalia worked very closely with me in resolving my issues timely and effectively.

During the process for me to travel I had experienced many difficulties and waited for a long time to be paired with a family. After being introduced to Triple C, I was immediately matched with the first family I interviewed with. I got approval to travel to Netherlands and after that I faced other obstacles. Nevertheless Triple C made things so much easier. They pulled out all the stops, calling Embassies and Immigration departments in Netherlands, Miami and Jamaica to ensure that both the host family and myself got what we signed up for.

>It was my pleasure working with Triple C and I look forward to do business with this awesome team of brilliant, hard working Ladies.

My name is Jemile Lilly, I am from the beautiful Island of Jamaice and I am happy to recommend Triple C as the Au Pair agency  of choice.

Thank you Triple C I had a wonderful year aboard…


Jaqueline from Utrecht, the Netherlands (host mom)

My partner passed away when my youngest son was one year old and my eldest short of his fourth birthday. As a family, we had experienced a beautiful but difficult past year, and now I was on my own. While still in mourning myself, my eldest very angry and sad and my youngest completely dependent on me, I went back to work. I work fulltime (and beyond that) and I found it very hard. I had already discussed with my partner how we would manage as a family after his passing, we both thought an au pair would be an ideal solution.

Considering my family situation being an uncommon one, I first carefully pondered on what I was exactly looking for with an au pair. I wanted someone independent and firmly rooted, as I also was seriously sad myself frequently. Of course someone with experience with kids, because I have lived abroad in the US and UK for work and chances being likely I may do so again in the future.

>I started looking for a suitable candidate through, and was overwhelmed by the number of responses. Just when I decided to no longer consider new candidates and would choose someone from the 96 people who had already responded, I received an e-mail from Taylor. An immediate hit! She was a 23-year old American girl, who at that time was working in a children’s home in Cape Town (where I have also lived), graduated as a psychologist and sociologist (which is close to my field of expertise) and her message radiated substantial enthusiasm. After a Skype chat, we both knew for sure that we were a perfect match, but since I still was a bit insecure about my first au pair, I asked Triple C au pair to conduct some additional selection interviews with Taylor and another candidate. Triple C au pair thought that both candidates I suggested were a good match, but was extremely enthusiastic about Taylor. And rightly so!

It sure was a great time, having her in my house! Granted, she had to learn to act a bit more firm in the beginning, but she picked up on that quickly. Furthermore, I do not think we ever had difficulties. She is very pro-active, I never have to ask her to bring something, or clean or make the beds, she has already done it. The boys adore her, and she adores them. It is very pleasant that she takes her work very seriously. She often takes the boys to a number playgrounds and museums in Utrecht and the walls of my house are brimmed with beautiful tinkerings she has crafted with them. She practices mathematics and writing with them, and my eldest in particular already speaks very good English. Taylor has mastered Dutch very quickly, so sometimes I have to remind her of my intention that the lads learn English…

She is a good and health-oriented cook and I love the fact that I do not have work the kitchen myself when I come home from work. She has joined us on several holidays, and we have a good time together. In Utrecht, she often goes out at nights, she has a Dutch boyfriend, but I actually like that. I sincerely mean it when I say that I do not know how I would have managed the past year without her! Two weeks ago, her sisters and parents even came to visit and stayed for a week, that is how much it feels like family. 

The only tricky thing is that she of course will have to leave. I did not believe that I could ever find such a good au pair again. Fortunately, Taylor helped me search for one, for she also wants the boys to get the best au pair available! In April, Lezaan will arrive, this time someone from South Africa. I am lucky, for Triple C au pair will assist me with all procedures again.