Our 10-step Au Pair Procedure

1. Contact by Phone

During your first phone contact with Triple C au pair, you can ask questions that focus on your specific situation and needs. Before planning an intake interview, we fill first discuss a number of matters with you, to establish whether you meet the legally required aspects of the au pair program.

2. Registration

You can register by clicking the purple ‘Register’ button. You will be redirected to a secure portal area within our website where you can create an account, thus immediately providing us with your correct details for our system. From your ‘My TC’ account, you can proceed with the remainder of the procedure. In the portal area, you can upload documents, make payments, and view and manage your data.

3. Intake

The intake interview will be conducted through Skype. You can indicate a number of convenient moments that fit your schedule, after which we will plan an interview as soon as possible. The interview will take place once only and costs € 65. After the intake interview, you will decide whether to go ahead with the procedure by uploading a signed agreement in ‘My TC’.

4. Matching

In the matching phase, we will look for a suitable au pair if you have opted for the Triple C au pair Full Service package. If you are using the Self-match Service, you will supply the contact details of the au pair you have chosen, so we can contact her/him to start the procedur.

5. Documents

All documents required within the scope of the administration obligation and visa can be uploaded through ‘My TC’. Each document is accompanied by an explanation and of course you can contact us if questions should arise. After uploading all documents, you can proceed with payment. Upon receipt of payment, we will check all submitted documents and proceed with the application with the IND if everything is correct and meets the required standards.

6. Visa Procedure

The visa procedure is mandatory for all non-EU citizens. Exceptions apply to the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Au pairs originating from these countries may enter the Netherlands with a tourist visa, but may only perform work within the host family after having picked up their residence permit. The IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service) charges a fee of € 622 for a residence permit. As a certified IND Consultant, we can provide an accelerated visa procedure. On average, we can state that from submitting the application (after the documentation phase) until arrival, it will take approximately 4 to 6 weeks. We now have experience with over 50 different nationalities.

7. Matters to Take Care of After Arrival

Keep in mind, that a number of matters must be taken care of after arrival of your au pair, which should be handled by you and your au pair. These include: Registering your au pair in the municipality where you are residing, picking up the residence permit at the IND counter, a lung check-up with the Public Health Service (GGD), if applicable, submitting an application for basic healthcare insurance and care allowance, submitting a Digi-D code application, opening a bank account and signing up for a language course.

8. Follow-up

Within the scope of our care obligation, we will contact you and your au pair 5 times during the au pair’s stay with your family. We consider ourselves a sounding board, so feel free to contact us with simple questions in the meantime. As a certified IND consultant, we are obliged to closely monitor compliance with law and legislations, which is why we enter into a collaboration with our host families and au pairs that we take very seriously. We expect our host families to immediately notify us of changes in family composition, home address, work contract(s), au pair work schedules and residence status.

9. Au Pair Events

On average five to six times a year we organize exceptional au pair events. Regardless of the package you have chosen, your au pair will always have the opportunity to participate in three events. Your au pair will decide herself/himself in which events she/he wants to participate. Check the Au Pair Events page to get an impression of these events and to see the event calendar.

10. Preparing Departure

In the final months, everything usually runs smoothly. However, it is wise to timely prepare yourself for your au pair’s departure. Four months prior to her/his departure, you will receive a reminder from us whether you wish to go ahead with starting a new procedure for the next year. This way, you will have plenty of time to arrange everything.