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Choose the Au Pair Service That Suits You

Self-match – You Have Searched and Found Your Au Pair

You have searched and (perhaps) already found your au pair. At Triple C au pair, we call that a Self-match. You can choose from three Self-match packages: BasicPlus and Complete. All packages comply with the statutory requirements for host families and au pairs set by the IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service). Depending on your experience with searching and selecting an au pair, having au pairs in your home, your need for expertise or taking matters into your own hands, you opt for the package that suits you best.

When circumstances require, you can upgrade the Basic and Plus Self-match packages with optional services when needed.

Full Service – You Prefer to Be Presented with Meticulously Screened Au Pairs

If you opt for the Full Service, you will get the whole deal and where possible, we will take all matters out of your hands. We will look for a suitable au pair for you, assist you in the matching process, take care of the visa procedure (if applicable), be at your and your au pair’s disposal during her/his stay and provide you with an excellent leniency arrangement if a mismatch should occur.

Our Au Pair Service Packages

Documentation on au pair and host family
Skype interview with the au pair prior to departure
Arranging au pair insurance (1)
Three cultural events for the au pair
AuPairsAround app
Follow-up au pair and host family (5 times a year)
Manual for the au pair and host family
100% discount with a mismatch in the first month (2)
Visa service (3)
€ 755 (EU)

€ 1,772 (Visa)

Everything from the Basic package +
Inventory and counsel if problems arise
25% discount with a mismatch in the second month (2)
€ 895 (EU)

€ 1,912 (Visa)

Everything from the Plus package +
Guidance with selection process
Selection assistance
Interview assistance & consult
40% discount with a mismatch within two to three months (2)
25% discount with a mismatch within four to five months (2)
€ 1,410 (EU)

€ 2,427 (Visa)

Full Service
Everything from the Complete package +
Carefully screened au pair (in the country of origin and by Triple C au pair), especially selected for you
Expert advice and assistance during the entire matching process
50% discount with a mismatch within two to three months (2)
30% discount with a mismatch within four to five months (2)
€ 1,865 (EU)

€ 2,882 (Visa)

(1) This concerns the JOHO Au Pair Plus insurance, not the basic healthcare insurance.
(2) Excluding visa service and/or administrative fees and cultural events.
(3) This only applies to au pairs who require a visa.