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The People Behind the Coolest Au Pair Agency in the Netherlands


Freedom of Choice and Personal Development.

Our lives are shaped by the choices we make. Which is why we stimulate freedom of choice and personal development where possible. After all, it is what we believe in and stand for. We look at what can be done and are clear when it comes to restrictions imposed by law and legislation. We will always propose a road leading forward, something our clients appreciate. We aim to be the best and nicest au pair agency in the Netherlands, to our au pairs as well as our host families.

The Aupairtunity of a Lifetime!

The Dutch au pair program provides a terrific opportunity for foreign adolescents to enrich their lives with life-changing experiences and insights. For host families, it is awesome to provide a young adult from another country with a different culture with this opportunity, in exchange for help within the family. That is also our point of perspective for the au pair program.

Since 2012

Since our foundation in 2012, we at Triple C au pair have chartered our own course. We were the first au pair agency in the Netherlands that supported families who choose their au pairs themselves. To further improve this service, we have entered into a collaboration with AuPairWorld, thus making it easier for host families to choose their au pairs themselves and rest assured that everything is also well taken care of.


Before starting Triple C au pair, we have worked a number of years with the former largest au pair agency in the Netherlands, where we gained a lot of experience. It has helped us to properly fathom applicable law and legislation, as well as discover what to improve and make more pleasurable. With Triple C au pair we have started a trend, represent a new, fresh approach and live up to our ambitions.

The ladies at Triple C have provided us with a terrific au pair three times in a row already. Their commitment is real and they know very well what they are talking about.

Marie-Louise from The Hague, the Netherlands


Nathalia Berenschot

Nathalia is co-founder of Triple C au pair and has lived in the US from when she was 16 years old. She went to high school there and subsequently toured the world with Up with People, an international music and dance company. Nathalia has worked as an au pair, did an internship in Florida, backpacked through Asia and studied languages abroad.

Her educational background comprises higher vocational training in Social Work and Services, supplemented by Corporate Welfare studies. Nathalia has years of experience in social work especially for women and has worked as a group and ambulant care worker at the Hera crisis shelter in the province of Gelderland, the Netherlands. Afterwards, she worked as a customer relations representative for an au pair agency.

Nathalia is a mother of three daughters and lives in Zutphen, with her boyfriend and kids.

Foto Margo Busser

Margo Busser - van der Huls

Margo is co-founder of Triple C au pair. From her 16th to her 25th year, she has traveled the world through a high school program in the US, Camp America YMCA, an internship in London and as a backpacker. Margo has also lived and worked in a hotel in Los Angeles for a while.

Margo’s educational background comprises higher vocational training in Social Work and Services. She also has years of experience in social work especially for women and crisis shelters, as an individual and group care worker. Afterwards, she worked as a matching coordinator for an au pair agency.

Margo is a mother of a boy and girl and lives in Zutphen, together with her husband and their kids.


Rovena Carvalho Ferreira

Rovena is our new addition to the team, fresh out of her Au Pair year in The Netherlands. Rovena assists our Brazilian au pairs from departure and during their stay in the Netherlands.

Rovena has a blog where she always liked to post about her au pair experience and is also one of the moderators of the largest group for Brazilian au pairs in the Netherlands on Facebook. What started out as a hobby turned into a passion once she realized she could make a difference in guiding hopeful young women through this amazing experience.

Rovena lived in the USA as an exchange student in High School and graduated from Law School in Brazil.

Rovena currently lives in Belgium.

Foto Eline

Eline Busser

Eline is our intake consultant, who handles follow-up with host families and au pairs. They all love her.

Eline studied English and subsequently completed her higher vocational training in Social Work and Services. She is an extremely talented coach. In addition to her work at Triple C au pair, she also counsels university faculties on their development programs.

Eline is a mother of two teenage daughters and lives with them in Zevenaar.

pasfoto christine 2

Christine Feenstra

Christine is responsible for organizing and handling the numerous applications, documents and phone calls.

Christine has had scientific training and then followed love to Surinam. In Surinam, she used her organizational talents for an educational foundation, organizing miscellaneous projects and events for no less than 5,000 children.

Together with her son, Christine lives in Zutphen and is currently awaiting her husband’s arrival to the Netherlands.’


Tabitha Bar

Tabitha first worked at Triple C during her study "European Management Assistant" as an intern. As an intern, she first experienced how the au pair world works. This world caught her interest and made her so enthusiastic that a year later, after her study, she returned to Triple C as office assistant, helping out with all sorts of tasks.

Tabitha lives in Twello with her boyfriend.



Rajae Kassi

Rajae is our intake consultant and assists our Dutch-Moroccan families and Moroccan au pairs. She describes working at Triple C as a kind of hobby. She thinks it is awesome to watch au pairs grow personally, guide them through culture shocks and witness their development in becoming integrated individuals. 

Rajae has a degree in higher vocational training and is currently working on her Master’s Degree in remedial education. In addition to her work at Triple C au pair, she is also active as an educator and system counsellor within a team for youths and families. During her studies she did an internship in a psychiatric hospital in Morocco.

Rajae is a hands-on expert in host parenting. She has already opened her home and family to several au pairs.

Rajae lives in Leiden, together with her husband and two daughters.