Self-match Basic

Our Au Pair Self-match Basic Package (EU € 750 / Visa € 1,772)

Get Started Properly and Upgrade with Optional Services When Needed


Triple C au pair’s Self-match Basic service is intended especially for host families who prefer taking matters in their own hands as much as possible and are confident of their own selection abilities. They have often found au pairs themselves for several years already and/or do not need further assistance.

From Intake to Arrival

With the Basic service, you can rest assured that you will comply with all matters legally required by the au pair program. For example, you will comply with all administrative requirements and the income requirement for sustainable income set by the IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service). We will provide you with all required documents and information for the visa procedure (if applicable). While you are busy with your documents, we will initiate the (visa) procedure with your au pair. Prior to departure, we will Skype with your au pair, to properly inform her/him about the au pair program in the Netherlands and our Triple C au pair services, as well as find out the au pair’s motivations to participate in the au pair program. Of course we will take care of all visa-related matters (if applicable), insurance of your au pair and provide you with information on basic healthcare insurance.

Shortly before arrival, you and your au pair will receive a manual containing useful information related to the au pair’s stay. This will ensure you are off to a well-informed year, with the guarantee that you will be e-mailed five times, among others, to remind you of a number of practical matters that need to be taken care of. Within the scope of our care obligation, it is important that you respond to these e-mail messages.

From Arrival to Departure

With this service package, we assume you are able to solve problems with your au pair, if they arise. Of course you can call or mail us if you have practical questions. If you need ‘soundboarding’ and/or counsel, we will gladly assist you. In the meantime, all you have to do is upgrade to the Self-match Plusservice.

We will contact your au pair five times. She/he will become part of our au pair community and will have access to our AuPairsAround app, enabling her/him to easily and quickly build a network. Five times a year we organize cultural events, for which your au pair will receive an invitation. With this, you will comply with the basic cultural exchange aspect of the au pair program.

In the unlikely event of things not working out between you and your au pair in the first month and a mutual decision to part ways, you will get a discount of 100%* on a new request.

Additional Information

Keep in mind, that some matters need to be taken care of after arrival of your au pair, which we cannot do for you and thus need to be handled by you and your au pair, including:

  • Municipal registration of your au pair
  • Aicking up the residence permit (if applicable)
  • A lung check-up with the Public Health Service (GGD), if applicable
  • Applying for basic healthcare insurance
  • Applying for care allowance
  • Applying for a Digi-D code
  • Opening a bank account
  • Signing up for a language course

In addition, you should take into account the following:

  • The total fee for both insurances amounts to approximately € 33 per month.
  • Au pairs that visit through the Self-match service are entitled to pocket money amounting between € 300 and € 340 per month. Au pairs that visit through Triple C au pair’s Full Service are entitled to pocket money to the value of € 340 per month.
  • As a host family, you are legally obliged to provide your au pair with the opportunity to attend an English or Dutch language course. Your annual contribution amounts to € 320.
  • We recommend to have your au pair pay for her/his return ticket to the Netherlands.