Self-match Complete

Our Complete Self-match Package (EU € 1,410 / Visa € 2,427)

We Will Take as Much as Possible off Your Hands – Everything Is Well Taken Care Of, From Start to Finish

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The Self-match Complete service is especially intended for host families who need assistance and guidance with searching the right au pair, as well as the most extensive leniency arrangement if things should go south during the au pair’s stay.

If you opt for the Self-match Complete package, you will get all features of the Basic and Plus packages, as well as an extensive array of additional services. The Self-match Complete package is particularly well-suited if it is the first time you look for an au pair and would like us to help you with the selection, or when you need maximum financial security.

We will look over your shoulder and guide you on creating your Au Pair World profile, as well as meticulously assess a maximum of three candidate profiles of your choice. When you have found two suitable candidates, we will interview them through Skype and share our findings with you, enabling you to make a well-informed decision with the advice of our experienced match coordinator.

During your au pair’s stay, the Self-Match Complete package will offer additional things to rely on. In the unlikely event of things not working out between you and your au pair, despite a meticulously prepared start, you can count on our assistance. Should you mutually decide to part ways, our leniency arrangement guarantees a discount of:

  • 100% on a new request within the first month
  • 40% on a new request within the second and third month
  • 25% on a new request within the fourth and fifth month

The discount does not apply to the visa service, administrative fees and already purchased Au Pair Events.

Additional Information

Keep in mind, that some matters need to be taken care of after arrival of your au pair, which we cannot do for you and thus need to be handled by you and your au pair, including:

  • Municipal registration of your au pair
  • Picking up the residence permit (if applicable
  • A lung check-up with the Public Health Service (GGD), if applicable
  • Applying for basic healthcare insurance
  • Applying for care allowance
  • Applying for a Digi-D code
  • Opening a bank account
  • Signing up for a language course

In addition, you should take into account the following:

  • As a host family, you are obliged to take out basic healthcare insurance for your au pair. We also recommend the Au Pair Plus insurance, thus providing your au pair with maximum insurance coverage. The total fee for both insurances amounts to approximately € 33 per month.
  • Au pairs that visit through the Self-match service are entitled to pocket money amounting between € 300 and € 340 per month. Au pairs that visit through Triple C au pair’s Full Service are entitled to pocket money to the value of € 340 per month.
  • As a host family, you are legally obliged to provide your au pair with the opportunity to attend an English or Dutch language course. Your annual contribution amounts to € 320.
  • We recommend to have your au pair pay for her/his return ticket to the Netherlands.