Self-match Plus

Our Au Pair Self-match Plus Package (EU € 895 / Visa € 1,912)

Everything is well taken care of, even with temporary setbacks


The Self-match Plus package is the one most frequently chosen among our Self-match packages. With the Self-match Plus package, you get all Self-match Basic services, plus additional assistance during your au pair’s stay, when needed.

That feels good, right? You can count on our commitment and professional assistance. In addition to all services from the Self-match Basic package, the Self-match Plus service guarantees assistance and counsel if you experience problems with your au pair and need someone to soundboard with. We will provide you and your au pair with phone/Skype assistance, for the purpose of:

  • Overcoming difficulties and proper continuation of your au pair’s stay
  • Deciding to properly wrap up/terminate your au pair’s stay

The Self-match Plus service is intended for host families who want to count on substantive support during their au pair’s stay.

Unique to Triple C au pair, is the optional service to book a temporary stay in our Bed & Breakfast facility. A reassuring thought, if you ever feel the need for a time-out period or when alternative accommodation is desirable, due to urgent termination of the au pair contract. Click herefor an overview of our optional services.

Additional Information

Keep in mind, that some matters need to be taken care of after arrival of your au pair, which we cannot do for you and thus need to be handled by you and your au pair, including:

  • Municipal registration of your au pair
  • Picking up the residence permit (if applicable)
  • A lung check-up with the Public Health Service (GGD), if applicable
  • Applying for basic healthcare insurance
  • Applying for care allowance
  • Applying for a Digi-D code
  • >Opening a bank account
  • Signing up for a language course

In addition, you should take into account the following:

  • As a host family, you are obliged to take out basic healthcare insurance for your au pair. We also recommend the Au Pair Plus insurance, thus providing your au pair with maximum insurance coverage. The total fee for both insurances amounts to approximately € 33 per month.
  • Au pairs that visit through the Self-match service are entitled to pocket money amounting between € 300 and € 340 per month. Au pairs that visit through Triple C au pair’s Full Service are entitled to pocket money to the value of € 340 per month.
  • As a host family, you are legally obliged to provide your au pair with the opportunity to attend an English or Dutch language course. Your annual contribution amounts to € 320.
  • We recommend to have your au pair pay for her/his return ticket to the Netherlands.